GD-006 / Logo Plate leather belt


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GD-006 / Logo Plate leather belt ベルト 半額SALE★


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15400円高価買蔵 ,半額SALE★ GD-006 / Logo Plate leather belt, ファッション雑貨 ベルト,GD-006 / belt leather Plate Logo

GD-006 / Logo Plate leather belt ベルト 半額SALE★










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Shorts did not have the shirt loop in the back as shown in the pictures other than that they’re great but disappointed that the loop was missing N/A These shorts are built with terrible quality. I wore them twice and washed them twice and the fell apart immediately. 3 different holes in the seams after the 2nd time wearing them. I Bought These For My Boyfriend, They Fit On Very Well. Wonderful product! Now I have to stop myself from buying more...Love the pocket on the inside part. Arrived fast fit well just got them time will tell. I sometimes will run and shower off real quick before i jump in the pool, since these dont have a draw string I cant push off too fast on my turns, or the shorts will slide down. i know they are not swim trunks, but we all know how the elastic will not be what it was, sooner or later, nice to be able to tie them down for added peace of mind. Great quality and overall much better than expected except it was a little too large on the waist and I can't see to find a way to adjust the included belt Very comfortable with the mesh area design, super happy with the fit and quality. Great purchase and value! Material very light weight. Would definitely order again. I bought then in a medium size, I figured they would be fine for running. But I felt like they were too short for me. I use to wear shorts like this in the late 80's and 90's for running but not anymore. The quality looks good and they were comfortable but as I said really too short for me. I ended up returning mine.
GD-006 / Logo Plate leather belt
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